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October 19, 2005
After the long break I have finally prepared update of the FreeImage Wrapper. Now, I think, updates must became more regular. As usual the wrapper was updated for the last FreeImage version (FreeImage 3.8.0). Also this release brings Delphi 5 support. Click here to download the wrapper.
About FreeImage
FreeImage is a free and open source graphics library for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. FreeImage supports:
  • Loading and saving of as many bitmap types as possible
  • Easy access to bitmap components, such as palettes and data bits
  • Converting bitmap's bit depths from one to another
  • Accessing pages in a bitmap when there are multiple, such as in TIFF
  • Basic manipulation of bitmaps, such as rotation, flipping and resampling or point operations such as brightness and contrast adjustment
  • Alpha compositing and alpha blending
Visit FreeImage home site for more info.

About Wrapper
    The wrapper provides two basic features. First of all, in "FreeImage.pas" unit declared all the types, procedures and functions used by the library. This functions and types can be used for direct work with library. And second, "FreeBitmap.pas" unit contains several classes which are incapsulates FreeImage data types, such as FIBITMAP, FIMULTIBITMAP, FITAG. This classes helps to organize work with library.
    Currently the wrapper supports Delphi 5-7 and FreeImage 3.8.0 or higher.

    Unit "FreeImage32.pas" This unit contains only two functions:
This functions allows you to copy contents of FIBITMAP to TBitmap32 object and vice versa. This unit requires Graphics32 1.8 beta.

Last Changes
[!] updated wrapper for FreeImage 3.8.0
[+] added Delphi 5 support
[+] added TFreeTag class incapsulating FreeImage FITAG type
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